Note:  This page is under construction.  I may post more pictures of individual pets as we take them.  Please enjoy what is here so far.


Over the years our family has had a delightful assortment of pets, and we'd like you to meet our current pets and critters.  The critters are in no particular order.  I'll add pictures of everyone as I get them taken. 


I would like to own an African Grey Parrot, or an Umbrella Cockatoo someday.  They are rather expensive, so the only way I'll ever own those is if we adopt them.  I'd also like to have a dog again, particularly a Dalmation.




Anyway....without further the pets!!!


Ball Python--Molly  

Molly is a 19 year old, 4.5 foot female Ball Python.  Molly was mine until Ellie and I got married, and she's been with us our entire marrage.  Molly has typical ball python markings, and is quite tame...the only person she's ever bit was the vet, and that was many years ago.  Molly is housed in a 55 gallon terrarium with aspen bedding.  She has an overhead 100 watt night time heat lamp, as well as a 24 watt under tank heating pad.  She also has a humidifier that helps keep the humidity between 50 and 60%.  Molly is our oldest pet, both in time spent with us and age.


Cockatiel--Simba Image Coming Soon!!!  

Simba is a 12 year old male cockatiel, who has been with us since 2005.  I got Simba as a Christmas present for Ellie.  I bought him a couple of days before Christmas, and had the pet store keep him until Christmas Eve.  I got permission from Jerry Q, the owner of KHCA Angel 95 FM in Manhattan Kansas to let me keep him at the station until Christmas Eve night.  After everyone was asleep I snuck out of the house and drove across town to the station to bring him home, terrified that Ellie would wake up and find me gone.  I wanted her to have him Christmas morning along with the rest of her gifts.  Anyway, Simba is your typical parrot and will mimic just about anything, given time and patience.


Rabbit--Bun Bun  

The rabbits belong to Robin, and she has had several over the years.  Bun Bun has been living with us the longest.



Hank came to us a couple of years ago as a Christmas present for Robin.  One of the ladies at Petland could no longer keep him, and one day while Ellie was getting food for Molly, the lady told her this.  Well Ellie agreed to take him, and Robin had a nice surprise on Christmas morning.


Rabbit-- Image Coming Soon!!!  

This huge guy does not actually belong to us...we are rabbit sitting on a long term basis.  This one belongs to a friend of Robin's, and this guy is a big as our cats.  He stays in Robin's room.



Basil is a young male budgerigar, or budgie, known as a parakeet here in the United States.  Budgies are a species of parrot.  He is the newest addition to our family, and makes his home in Dave and Ellie's bedroom.  This is one of the most delightful creatures I've ever owned.  His playful antics and cheerful chirping are a joy.  As I design this page he is at the front of his cage chirping and mubling.  I am trying to teach him to talk, and budgies can learn quite a vocabulary. 


Aquarium--Community Tropical  

This is actually an old picture...I'll update post an updated picture soon, but you get the gist.


This is our main aquarium, a 29 gallon planted, freshwater, tropical aquarium that has been set up for about 18 months.  I have almost always had fish, but usually stuck to goldfish because they are fairly inexpensive and very hardy.   But when I put this system together I wanted to go back to tropical.  We have had a variety of community fish housed here, and currently have a shoal of neon tetras, a shoal of zebra danios, a shoal of blushing tiger barbs, a single black molly, a bristlenose pleco, a small group of assasin snails, a herd of ghost shrimp, and some unwanted pond snails.  There are also live plants including Amazon Sword, corkscrew val, and hornwart.  We have also housed dwarf gourmis and loaches, though we currently do not have either of these.  The filter system is a Tetra Whisper EX70, there is a 150 watt heater, and an elive modular LED lighting system with both white and night time blue lighting.  We use digital thermometers for all of our aquariums.  


Aquarium--Quarantine Image Coming Soon!!!  

This is a 10 gallon setup that is primarily set up as a quarantine tank, but houses a male fantail betta named Flash to keep a biological cycle going.  There are also a couple of assassin snails, a small herd of ghost shrimp, pond snails, a bristlenose pleco, and a small amount of hornwart plant.  This one has a simple LED light and a small Tetra 5-15 filter, as well as a 100 watt heater. 


The Cats--Muffin and Esmeralda (Esmay) Image Coming Soon!!!  

Our only 'normal' pets came to us last September when we were having a mouse problem.  These two are both females from the same litter.  They indeed took care of our mouse problem, and are a lot of fun...when they want to be.  Their favorite playtime activities are the laser pointers, and Ellie's yarn.  We came home from church one Sunday to find three of her yarn balls all over the house...and I do mean all over.  They like to watch baseball with us, won't stay off of the kitchen counters, and love to watch the fish in the big aquarium.



Over the years we have had rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, hermit crabs, and probably others I don't remember.  We love all of our past and present pets.



Thank you for visiting our web page.  Please check back as I hope to change the content more often.



Dave & Ellie, Robin