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I Will Be Here

This song was recorded live on June 24, 2012 at Maplewood Christian Church in Terre Haute, Indiana.  I did the song for my wife as part of our 9th wedding anniversary.  When we got home from church we discovered that the audio track did not record, only my vocal.  So I fired up Reaper, mixed the track back into the vocal, added some reverb and EQ, and you can't even tell we did post production work on it.  This is probably the best job I've ever done on this song.


I was playing around on the synthesizer one day and started playing the melody for this song.  Before I knew it I had Reason open, and was adding drums and stuff.  The bass is recorded live using a USB Audio Interface.  The song is not finished, but I'm going to finish it someday.

I Thank You

I collaborated on this song with a friend from church.  She wrote the first parts, and I wrote the middle.  This was recorded in my basement studio, and I sequenced or played live all instruments, and sang all vocals.